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Sony Xperia Play Will Get NFC Payment - Xperia Pay!

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plugins/content/imagesresizecache/511f30dc90f158429cc17324558d708d.jpegLooks like Google is rolling its dices right. After the launch of its Google Wallet for Nexus 4G phones, Android is the first OS to break the ice in the mobile payment system. Google definitely need more and more android manufacturers to implement the NFC payment system to success in the mobile payment market.

Here comes Sony Ericsson, one of the leading android mobile maker has struck a deal with semiconductor producer, NXP which will bring the company's PN65 to future Android-based Xperia models

NXP provides complete embedded, secure NFC solutions and recently announced that its NFC software is open source on the Android platform and enables the Google Wallet application. Sony Ericsson intends to use the NXP PN65 NFC solution in their Android-based smartphones, which includes the NFC radio controller, the embedded secure element and NFC software. The embedded secure element enables NFC to be used for mobile transactions. Building on NXP's extensive background in secure identification, the PN65 uses advanced cryptography to offer the highest level of security for transactions, with the technology already being extensively used in contactless banking cards, e-passports, e-ID cards and secure access systems.