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Sneak Pocket projector 3M

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3msneak_pocket_size_projector1 Although it does not stand up on the technology front as compared to the stature of a standard ceiling projector, the 3M pocket projector is definitely going to sweep you off your feet with it performance- on the move. The projector is literally the size of your pocket, and easy to carry, and with the DLP Pico Chipset to be introduced in 2009, it is a long way before you can get quality which is any better than used here, in this field. Built under the aegis of Texas Instruments, the projector was seen at major expos and shows around North America and also featured at various online communities, but with its launch due in just about a week’s time, this little baby is going to be an all time favorite of tech-savvy corporate managers, who need to deliver a presentation on the go. So, be it a client in the lift, or at a restaurant or anywhere else for that matter, you can just use your pocket projector to give him a nice PPT presentation while on the move. Who knows, this might just be the difference between a deal well struck and a deal bygone.

Two other projector brands that go on sale in North America by the end of this month are the MPro 110 and the Optoma, both weighing less than 150 grams, and evenly priced less than 200 pounds. With the resolution of 640X480, a VGA jack for connections to laptops, ipods and computer systems, a size of just 5.08cm x 2.29cm x 11.43cm and with the ability to reflect the presentation on any damn surface, the Optoma is definitely the best and the tiniest of the lot.

So there you have it, for those who have always been looking for a projector they could carry in their pockets, September shall rain goodies.

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