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Latest Concept Eye Wink Digital Camera

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Nov 15, 2008

Looking at some historic moment? Forgot your camera or its not charged or handy? What can you do? Wish you could wink your eye and take pictures!! Well it may not be that far from reality..

Japanese designer Mac Funamizu is working on an interesting sunglasses camera concept.

Company tried to incorporate old and recognizable gesture of making a frame with fingers (like the movie directors do on television) into a modern and futuristic camera concept.

The main idea is the placement of camera, which is built into the sunglasses and can see all that you are seeing through them. Position and size of viewfinder is adjusted right in front of user's eyes by position of two hands with L-shaped gestures. Then, if user is satisfied with frame size, picture can be taken by wink. According to the idea, sunglasses will even display some text information about the subject that you are photographing.

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