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Iphone 5 Gossip That’s Likely True

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iphone-5Those of you still clinging to the hopes that Apple is really on the verge of a traditional summer iPhone release, think again. It's been made overwhelmingly clear by industry experts and insiders that the iPhone 5 is destined for a September release date.

It mostly has to do with a combination of beefed up battery concerns for the new fangled iOS and an Apple desire to coincide the phone's debut with iCloud. Are these excuses not good enough? Perhaps not when you consider how much Apple is rumored to be working on that turns out to be mostly true.

The Android Opposition

It's hard to get anyone at Apple to admit it, but they're impressed with a lot that Android phones have accomplished. The iPhone 5 is almost certainly going to do away with the home button a 'la Android in order to compete with the equally adversarial 4-inch screen seen on most Android smartphones. But more importantly it's going to focus on making the newest iOS capable of accumulating and using third-party apps to compete with the impressive Android app market. They want users to be able to sweep through sophisticated "living" apps like reverse phone lookup, multiplayer games, and social networks without crashes and confusion. The only way they can do that is to look at Android's diverse yet cluttered apps market and make a better version.

The Power of Pioneering

That kind of ambition sucks the life out of notoriously weak Apple battery power, especially when the iPhone 5 is also likely to come with full HD video recording capability and the ability to store 32 to 64 gigs of information. Much of the delay in the phone's release has been because of internal pressure to fine tune iOS and improve battery life to make sure users can happily operate the device to its expected extents for long periods. When you consider the fact that iCloud is everything people expect it to be, and will likely be introduced on the iPhone 5, it's obvious that the added perks are going to come at the expense of waiting for battery technology to improve.

The only sure bet on Apple is that they're going to surprise you. So, for those of you still unwavering in your belief the iPhone 5 is just weeks away, I'll throw a bone and say it's not as hopeless as wishing to be a reality TV star or the first WoW player on the moon. But if the summer flies by without the added pleasure of a new iPhone, just remember that when it arrives, like any other Apple product the wait will probably be worth it.