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Concept Train That Never Stops

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Peng Yu-lun, a resident of Sanwan Township with a penchant for R&D, unveiled his "non-stop MRT system" to the world.

The system avoids trains having to decelerate and stop at station stops, instead taking on boarding and alighting cars on the fly. The system saves energy and reduces equipment costs among other advantages.
Peng used toy trains and track models to come up with his idea. When a train comes into a station, passengers first enter a "boarding" car, which is put into motion ahead of time. After the rear of the traveling train catches up, the car is joined to the rest of the train.

Passengers wishing to get off the train change seats, moving to a designated car. Before they actually arrive at the station where they will alight, that car is detached from the train. The main part of the train continues onward, and the "alighting car" alone stops at the station. Peng says that making good use of these special cars can allow a train to travel its entire route without ever slowing down or stopping at a station.