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Wireless Security Camera With iPhone or iPad

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Dropcam is a wireless Wi-Fi web cam offering 24/7 live a/v streaming, DVR, motion capture, mobile remote access and more.

Dropcam is a package that consists of a web camera — you can get one with or without sound — and access to a special web app that will let you set-up and monitor your camera’s live feed from any computer with Internet access or from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

For $8.95 per month, users can record seven days worth of activity that can then be played back like a DVR, downloaded for permanent archiving and used to capture screenshots.

Users can also set-up e-mail and mobile alerts based on motion capture, time of day and more. For $24.95 a month, users can access a rolling 30-day archive of their content on Dropcam’s website, plus still have the ability to download footage for archival purposes.

Dropcam also offers a free iPhone and iPad app [iTunes link] so that you can tune into your cameras on your mobile device. The service also supports multiple cameras on the same account, so if you want to monitor multiple angles of a location or have a camera in different rooms, the system supports that.