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Wednesday, Dec 19th

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Watch 3D Movies on iPhone With My3D

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So now that the movie industry and television industry pushing the limits for 3D content and 3D products, you can not run away from it.

Good news for iPhone users. As they say, "There is an app for that". Well, here comes an app for iPhone/iOS to be able to watch 3D content right on your iPhone.
US toymaker Hasbro is planning to launch a device called My3D that will bring 3D videos, 3D Movies and 3D images to iPhone and iPod touch devices.

The My3D looks like a pair of binoculars with a slot that lets you mount your iPhone or iPod touch. Looking through it, you will be able to watch special content in 3D.

To be priced at US$30, whether this works will depend on the availability of 3D content for iOS. Hasbro said it has already teamed up with DreamWorks Animation to develop relevant material and will also use existing 3D television content available in the US. These will reach end-users through the App Store as both paid and free apps.

Now its a different story whether you want to look like an idiot with your iPhone and binocular-like 3D device watching 3D content...!!