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Physical Keyboard For iPhone/iPod Touch 4iThumbs

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I have seen many people complain about iPhone/iPod touch that it doesn't have a physical keyboard. I think the only downside of iPhone is the lack of physical keyboard and you are always worried about where your fingers are on the screen. Well here is your solution. A physical keyboard (sort-of) for your iPhone or iPod touch.

Essentially a screen protector, the 4iThumbs has raised bumps that match each key on the iPhone's onscreen keyboard. The advantage, according to the makers, is tactile feedback so you don't have to look at the screen to know where your finger is, supposedly emulating the typing experience on a BlackBerry or Treo smartphone.

Bits of adhesive plastic are included with the kit, which allow the overlay to be used without having to permanently stick it on the screen. When not in use, you can even store the 4iThumbs behind your iPhone unobtrusively. Watch the following video to see how that works.
The 4iThumbs is available at US$14.95 for the portrait mode version, US$16.95 for the landscape-oriented one, or US$19.95 for both.