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Bamboo Bio Degradable Cell Phone

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Green is a new Mantra in the whole world. Everybody is now worried about the greener solutions for our day to day use. What about cell phones? Have you ever thought about what happens to your old cell phone when you buy your new iPhone?

One billion handsets produced globally each year and only 10% recycled. Average mobile phone user replaces their handset every 18 months. This has a big impact on the environment; 36kg of CO2 is used to make one 90g phone.


Well here is a new cell phone called Bamboo which is a degradable mobile phone. When the battery, antenna and print board are removed the case can be placed in compas and a few weeks later the case will begin to disintegrate.

Inside the case are bamboo seeds, these will start to grow and feet on the case. After a few months the will turn in to bamboo plant which compensates the impact manufacturing process the bamboo phone has on the environment.

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