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Touch Screen Gloves For Smartphone Users In Winter

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touch-screen-glovesEver since touchscreen smartphones have captured the market, its getting tough to use the touchscreen phones during the winter. If you are wearing gloves and want to quickly check on the phone call or a text message, you will have to take off your gloves and do your business.

Not anymore, here is a nice alternative to your generic winter gloves. A touch screen gloves from Proporta that will let you use your smartphones not matter how cold the weather is.

The gloves are made of nice warm material and the fingertips are made of special conductive fibers. (Only the first two fingers and a thumb is with conductive fibers) It fits snuggly in your hands and looks pretty slik. The smartphone screens are very responsive to the fingertips of this touch screen gloves.

I am using Motorola Photon 4G and have put on a screen protectors. The gloves works without any issue even with screen protectives on the phone.

I did have one issue with the Gloves though. The stitches between the thumb and first finger started coming out within a week of the use. But that wasn't a show stopper for me as I can re-stitch them.

Overall, I was really happy with the gloves. You can purchase this touch screen gloves from Proporta for $20. Below are some pictures & video