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iPad Iphone DLNA Games

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ipad-iphone-dlnaSony turned heads when it announced that its newest handheld device, the PlayStation Vita, would work with the PlayStation 3, allowing players to switch games between their handhelds and consoles, without skipping a beat. This amazing new concept of remotely playing games was due to both devices using technology that the Digital Living Network Alliance, or DLNA, developed.

While Sony has had the press about it's DLNA capabilities, partly because the company has spearheaded the initiative, other devices make use of this remote technology as well. It's no surprise that Microsoft's Xbox 360 and even Windows Media Player can play nicely with DLNA. Apple lovers can also rest assured that iPhone DLNA games are a reality, too.

What is iPhone UPnP?

DLNA uses a technology known as Universal Plug and Play, or UPnP, to provide these remote gaming capabilities. Through UPnP, iPhones, Playstations and laptops are able to discover and connect with one another to share media. It's not just games that can utilize DLNA, either. Streaming music or media can make use of these advances, which leaves plenty of options for iOS developers.

DLNA App iPad Owners Will Love

Currently, iPhone and iPad users can download an app that allows them to remotely connect with their smart TVs, video game consoles or Blu-Ray players. With it, they can play iPhone DLNA games on their television, enabling them to appreciate high-definition graphics without sacrificing audio. Consumers can enjoy music or a movie in one room, by transmitting the source via UPnP from a device in another room. This type of app also provides the ability to control DNLA media players, like the Xbox 360, with a handheld device such as the iPhone. Perhaps iPhone UPnP will eventually mean the death of the traditional remote control.

The Pitfalls of the DLNA App iPad Uses

While DLNA and UPnP technologies are ground-breaking in many ways, they're still in their infancy.  Many consumers are unaware of the potential, even if they own a compatible device. Additionally, the DLNA recommends a Network Attached Storage, or NAS, for storing media that it then transmits to iPhones or a DLNA-certified AV system, which many people don't have. While Sony, Canon and LG are among the companies that incorporate these capabilities into everything from laptops to refrigerators, its sustainability depends on companies advertising this very fact. Without support, iPad DLNA games might never get off the ground.