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Apple iPod nano (4G) Review

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Apple iPod Nano 4GPackage Contents iPod nano Earphones USB 2.0 cable Dock adapter Quick Start guide The nano really hasn't changed drastically since 2005 when the original model made its debut.Apple iPod Nano 4G The 1st generation nano looked like a miniature version of the full sized iPod of that time. This year's nano is a combination of generations 2 and 3.Apple iPod Nano 4G Apple iPod Nano 4GGone is the squished design of the last model; we're back to a tall nano, with a tall display to go along with it. Available in nine colors, more than ever offered before, I decided on Orange.Like the 2nd generation nano, this one has a one piece brushed aluminum shell.Apple iPod Nano 4GThe shape is a thin oval, making it appear quite slender from the side. Apple iPod Nano 4GIn reality, it's not that much thinner than previous nano models.Apple iPod Nano 4GThe top edge has a hold switch...Apple iPod Nano 4GThe bottom edge has the dock connector, which happily has not changed from previous models. There is also a headphone jack located next to it.Apple iPod Nano 4GThe touch wheel also remains virtually unchanged from previous nanos. The only slight difference being that it curved to match the shape of the body.The player is solid, but very light weight. It does feel comfortable in hand though and is as easy to use as previous models.The display looks oddly elongated, but is the same size and resolution as the previous nano (Fatty). It's just in portrait orientation, instead of landscape. Other than that, it seems to be similar in color and brightness. One nice feature is that the display has a glass cover - it should do a good job at remaining unscratched.
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