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SwitchBooks - Switchboard with Key Holder

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Who likes those big key chain holders in the house? We have so many switch boards in the house, why not use those instead of putting up a new key holder on the wall?

Well, that's the idea that SwitchBooks came up with.

It's a light switch plate and storage area created by Andy Lee, a design engineer who has worked with Ideo, Xerox PARC, and NASA.

The idea was sparked when Lee's sister misplaced her car keys. While recalling the story to her brother, she mentioned turning on the lights. That's when the light bulb turned on in Lee's head.

So he set off to create a light switch plate with a dual purpose, employing multiple hooks, magnets, or shelf attachments at the bottom to hold house keys, a purse, cape, or blaster rifle up to 5 pounds.