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Breath Checking Robot Girl & Dog

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Ever sat next to a person whose breath smells bad? Wish you could have a machine that can tell the person how his/her breath smells? Well there is a robot for that. Robot maker CrazyLabo and the Kitakyushu National College of Technologyhave developed a female humanoid and a dog robot that sniff a person's breath and feet and use snarky remarks and exaggerated reactions to encourage offenders to do something about their breath and body odor.

The female robot, Kaori-chan, has brown hair and blue eyes. If someone's breath smells good, Kaori-chan says, “It smells like citrus!”. The stinkier the breath, the harsher are Kaori-chan's remarks, ranging from, “Yuck! You have bad breath!” to “No way! I can't stand it!” When Kaori-chan judges someone's breath is in the worst category she shouts, “Emergency! There's an emergency taking place! That’s beyond the limit of patience!”

The dog robot, Shuntaro-kun, can assess the smell of a person's feet. Shuntaro-kun sniffs the user's feet and bobs his head and nestles up next to the person or barks or falls down and growls, according to the level of the odor. If Shuntaro-kun passes out, you know you really have smelly feet.