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See Through Walls With Prism 200c Spy Backpack

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Prism 200c (Images courtesy Cambridge Consultants)Imagine wearing a backpack that has a cool spy gadget that connects to your smartphone and gives you a clear 3D view of the room next door or any wooden or concrete wall.

You don't have to imagine now, you can actually do this with Cambridge Consultants’ Prism through-wall radar , the 200c pictured above.

Using ultra-wideband signals the device is able to see through walls made of wood, concrete or bricks and provide a 3-D view of human movement and positions from front, side and overhead angles, making it easier to determine a threat situation before entering a building.

And because the latest version is one of the smallest and lightest yet, it can easily be hidden in a backpack allowing someone to simply lean back against a wall while wearing it to glean useful tactical info. The images produced by the Prism 200c system are then transmitted in real-time to a nearby PC or even a handheld device for analyzing, so the user doesn’t look like they’re actively spying on what’s going on inside.