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Wednesday, Dec 19th

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Speaker Bags - Literally

This is literally a speaker bag. You can keep these decorative speakers in your living room or family room plus you can keep some stuff in the bag.

The [ … ]

Light Up Your Desktop With USB Cube LED Speakers

If you want to work on your computer and still want to feel like you are in the night club, you might want to buy this speakers.

Its a nice little Cub [ … ]

Turn Your iPod Nano Into Cassette Tape

The 45 Nano case scores points for its retro style. Made from gutted cassette tapes, it will contain your MP3 player without blocking access to the sc [ … ]

Little Pig Speakers

Have you ever said this to someone that "You sound like a Pig"?? Well I have heard the saying "Don't eat like a Pig" but now you can say the the previ [ … ]

Sony Touch Screen MP3 Player X Series Walkman

The X series Walkman by Sony is going to be a rival to the iPod by Apple. This brand new music device will have a large screen surface of almost 3 inc [ … ]

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