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Take Pictures With Your Fingers Using Ubi Camera

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ubi-finger-digital-cameraDo you think Digital Cameras are now fading out and finding a new home in smartphones? Not really, a group at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences in Gifu Prefecture is taking the digital cameras into your finger tips. Just frame the picture using your fingers and press a thumb to take the picture.

How cool is that right?

The prototype attaches to your index finger while your other fingers form a viewfinder around it. Push a button with your thumb to snap the shot.

Instead of a zoom lever, your arms determine how wide or tight a shot you'll get. An infrared rangefinder on the device measures the distance to your face, and then determines the appropriate zoom level for processing the shot on a PC.

The result is a photo that looks just like what you see through your finger frame.

The Ubi-Camera was shown off earlier this month at Interaction 2012 organized by the Information Processing Society of Japan at the Miraikan museum in Tokyo. Check out the Ubi Finger Camera below

Now imagine that instead of this tiny lens in your fingers, its built into your sunglasses and instead of a PC its your mobile phone. You have practically a wireless digital invisible finger camera.