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Surfaceless Mouse -- Loop Mouse Called Pointer

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loop pointerOn Monday, Hillcrest Labs introduced a production version of its radically-rethought PC mouse.

The company is pushing its Loop mouse (they prefer to call it a pointer) as the perfect device to use when you’re watching video Web sites that you’ve accessed on your computer and transferred to your TV. Instead of pushing your finger around a track pad, you simply wave the Loop pointer to move the cursor on screen (movements are picked up by a USB device connected to your PC). And because the pointer uses radio rather than infrared waves, you don’t need to aim it at the PC; in fact, the computer can even be put inside a cabinet.

The Loop™ pointer is the in-air mouse that moves your cursor with natural hand motion. Simply point and click on the TV that's connected to your PC or Mac. Use the Loop pointer just like a mouse while you browse the Internet or view your own media content. The distinctive ergonomic design has just four buttons and a scroll wheel.

The first in-air remote designed specifically for the "10 foot experience," the Loop pointer with your computer dramatically expands what you can enjoy on your big screen TV. Using your computer's USB 2.0 port, it requires no extra software or drivers. The fast wireless connection even works across large rooms and through closed cabinet doors.

You can buy this Loop Pointer From Amazon @ $99

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