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iDECT iHome - Android Based Home Phone.

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With Android OS sprouting up every where from Mobile phones to tablets and even in headphones, It is time we get a home phone based on Android OS.

In UK, Binatone, an Android hardware maker, has just done that. The £99 iDECT iHome Phone is in fact an Android Based Home Phone.

The phone has a very nice stylish base which acts as a speaker phone and an answering machine and of course charges the phone as well. The base connects to your home phone line (POTs).

The phone has a 2.8" 320 x 240 LCD has the menu as well as the Android home screen.

The phone can connect to your home WiFi system to access internet and all the information will flow through home phone, which actually looks like a larger mobile phone.

The phone comes with seriously outdated Android 1.6 and has 256MB memory which could be extended with a micro SD card. The phone has DECT Cat. 2.0 and 802.11b/g WiFi for connectivity. The Lithium-ion battery (910mAh) will give 8 hours of talk time or 80 hrs of standby time.

I guess this is the start of a new line of home phones. I wonder what Apple fan boys will do, will there be an iOS home phone?