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Couples Ring - An Alarm That Doesn't Disturb Partner

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Ever wondered if you could have an individual alarm clock that doesn't disturb your partner or if your partner wants to wake up early without disturbing you.. Well, here is a new concept Alarming ring that actually does the same exact thing.

Ring is a vibrating alarm designed for people who hate the loud blaring sounds of a typical alarm. The charging cradle is where you set what time you want each ring to go off. The ring fits over the tip of your finger and when that opportune time arrives, it vibrates. Putting the ring back on the dock shuts off the alarm.

The benefits are two-fold. It’s perfect for couples whom wake up at different hours. Never again will you be disturbed from your precious sleep when the alarm goes off. It’s a discrete sensation that only you feel. Another application is for the hearing impaired helping to improve their quality of life.






Even though this is just a concept, there is already a device out there called Alarm Wrist Band that also does the same exact job. The company makes it. You can buy one of those wrist band alarm from Amazon. And this one works with your iPhone/iPod touch so that it synchronizes your phone's alarm timings.