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Water Propelled Jet Flyer - JetLev Flyer Fly On Water

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Have you ever done jetsky? Well, forget the Jet Sky and now check out this Jet Flyer. The first JetLev R200 jetpacks are set to hit the water. Jetlev JetPack is a device that you wear it as a backpack. It allows water supplied via the tethered supply hose to act as the jet propulsion medium.

The boat unit delivers low pressure, high flow water through a 33 ft (10 m) hose to the jetpack where thrust is generated by forcing the water through the nozzles located on either side of jetpack, which the company says is much more effective than using gas as the propulsion medium.

Jetlev Technologies says most people will be able to learn to fly solo with just a few minutes of in-water instruction thanks to a simple fly-by-wire digital throttle flight control system. Thrust is controlled with a twist of the grip, while moving the control arms up and down changes the angle of the nozzles to allocate thrust for lift and propulsion in forward, neutral or reverse. Differential nozzle angles also allow for yaw turns, while shifting weight from side to side allows the pilot to turn.

You can check out the video below how Jet Flyer works in Action..

Check out the website of Jet Flyer