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Sony Playstation Vita - PSP New Avatar

LittleBigPlanet on the Vita.Sony just announced that the NGP portable will be officially named the “PlayStation Vita” — pronounced “Vee-ta".

The 3G PS Vita will be exclusively ava [ … ]

Fly With Your Own JetPack For $100K

Even before the planes were invented, flying was every human's dream. Now that we have planes, we can go from place A to place B but we still miss out [ … ]


Water Propelled Jet Flyer - JetLev Flyer Fly On Water

Have you ever done jetsky? Well, forget the Jet Sky and now check out this Jet Flyer. The first JetLev R200 jetpacks are set to hit the water. Jetlev [ … ]

Key features Real Gamers should Know about the Sony NGP/PSP2

img_293782_sony_next_generation_portable_psp2_450x360 Following the reveal of Sony’s Next Generation Portable (NGP), successor to the Playstation Portable (PSP), at the 2011 Playstation Meet in Tokyo, t [ … ]

World's Smallest Digital Camera - CHOBi CAM

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Mini Digital CameraIf you think you have the pocket size digital camera, you are wrong. Here comes the world's smallest digital camera -- CHOBi CAM.

This digital camera i [ … ]

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