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Tuesday, May 23rd

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Cowon S9 Curve 16GB Touchscreen Media Player

The fun to look at Cowon S9 Curve that we was arriving in 2009 is now available at Amazon. If form over function is your thing, it's yours for $240. [ … ]


5 Naughty Gifts This Christmas

Christmas is round the corner and everybody is excited about their gifts this season. So want to be little naughty this time?

Here are top 5 naughty gi [ … ]

GPS Angel promises to keep watch on red light and speed cameras

There's certainly no shortage of devices out there that promise to alert you when you're approaching a red light or speed camera, but if you're lo [ … ]

The Swerve Disposable Razor Makes Quick Work of Beastly Neck and Back Hair [Man Hair]

This isn't the 70's anymore guys. Excessive body hair and gold medallions are no longer acceptable. There are gadgets out there designed to handle t [ … ]


iPod Gun Holder Shoulder Pack

evolve shoulder holster.jpg
Remember those shoulder gun holders that we see on Crime series, movies? Guess what? If you can't have a gun, you can have those shoulder packs for [ … ]

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