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Most Amazing Folding Boat - QuickBoats

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quickboatsOk so its not exactly a gadget but hey, lets just say anything that has some electronics/mechanical stuff, its a gadget. Do you like occasional boating in the summer time but don't want to keep those huge boats in your driveways? Well, here is a neat and completely foldable boat that's just right for your needs.

QuickBoats can be easily assembled in about 5 to 10 minutes and is also motor powered.

The project is still in the development phase but you can reserve your first QuickBoat for 2013 season now. The cost of a boat or the challenges of boat storage are now no longer a barrierThe Flat-Out-Boat won numerous awards because of its patented design that covers how it unfolds and how the power is transferred to the boat. 

The boat is strong, rigid and planes beautifully even in mildly choppy conditions. It can manage 20 knots with up to four people on board and is easy to control.The Quickboat solves two of the biggest challenges people face when considering buying a boat - having enough room to store one and enough money to buy one.Because the boat can be flat packed it can hang on the wall in your garage, fit  on the roof of your car and transported to your local lake or across the nation.

Check out QuickBoat in Action below

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