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Invisible Bike Helmet Hovding - Coolest Helmet Ever

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Hovding-airbag-bike-invisible-helmetBike Helmets are not the best fashion statements. Usually it covers your head and you end up looking like a nerd. Imagine having a helmet that actually is not visible at all. An invisible helmet but works just like a helmet.

Its called Hövding, a design comes from Swedes Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. Hövding once its deployed, covering your melon after popping up like a car's airbag. Just below is how you'll look the rest of the time, with the inflatable helmet stored away in a special collar.

The Hövding took seven years and $10 million to bring from concept to product, but unlike most things that are invisible, it's finally out there for purchase: you can buy a Hövding for about 4,000 Swedish kronor which equates to just under $600 USD.

Hovding comes in two colors right now. One is black and the other one is in some sort of floral prints.


If you want, you can buy it from

If you don't know how it works, check out the video below that proves this invisible bike helmet.

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