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Bicycle Made From Recycled Plastic

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Israeli industrial design student Dror Peleg has created a colorful bike that's made up of...Don't throw your plastic away. You can still use it and get something like this out of it. Israeli industrial design student Dror Peleg embarked on a project to make use of existing facilitiesto manufacture the components needed for a wholly plastic bike, which he says would be less energy and labor intensive than traditional bike manufacture.

the designer envisions using various recycled plastics for the Frii bicycle. The modular design centers around the familiar diamond-shaped frame found in many modern bikes.

Peleg told Gizmag that "the frame is the largest part but the molds required for it are not much larger then a plastic chair molds."To the bottom of the split frame sits the pedal crank, which would have bearings inserted into the mold before the injection process begins. A belt runs from this to the rear wheel hub. There are no external brakes as such on Frii, Peleg says that he sees such matters being handled in a similar way to the way BMX hub braking operates - when a rider pedals backwards, the bike comes to a halt. The forks to the 20-inch plastic wheels are kept short for added strength and the solid tires are injected over the rims during manufacture.